About Jerry

Jerry grew up in West Virginia where he received his degree from Marshall University. After college he set out to successfully achieve his corporate business goals and lived in many different locations of the country where he developed his love for art and the great outdoors. Toward the end of his career, he lived for a few years in Santa Fe where he began to pursue and develop his painting skills and strong passion for the landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West. He often travels the southwest in particular New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah as well as his home state of Montana to capture his many subjects. His work is primarily Representational with a slight Impressionistic look and is a direct result of his emotional response to the subject, reflecting much light and color in his subjects using mostly linen on board. Jerry can be found painting en Plain Air or in his studio finishing up a piece from a photograph or sketches made in the field. I get excited everytime I start a new painting, its a new beginning to face the challenges ahead to meet my expectations. “I love the inspiration I get from the pristine and colorful landscapes I see everyday in the Rocky Mountain West”